For a photography blog, these posts certainly skew toward the wordy. Every now and then I need to exercise a little restraint, and simply let the images do the talking. So, in that spirit, I present a few street shots from the last couple of weeks — each of which can tell its own story without my usual reams of imposing prose.

Didgeridoo and Didgeridon’t

After my apathetic reaction to the bands that played Vancouver’s Juno Awards festivities, I wandered one block to the west and found a more photogenic and organic form of both musical expression and audience involvement.

The Polarizing Power of Suggestion

As I waited for the light to change, I spotted this little melodrama directly across the intersection. From appearances, it looks like the embracing couple has inspired a sense of longing in the gentleman. But the woman—to whom his yearning gaze seems directed—possesses a body posture that’s diametrically the opposite. Then again, maybe none of this is transpiring. But that’s the beauty of street photography — it captures a split second, and the viewer fills in the story.

The Old Gang

In 1958, when Link Wray invented heavy metal by poking holes in his guitar amp’s speaker to give his recording of Rumble a grittier sound, this gang probably used it as background music for a few rumbles of their own. Conjecture? Maybe. But I’m still rather certain these guys could take me.

©2009 grEGORy simpson
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